Sunday, May 16, 2010

Google Buzz Extension & Wibar Widget

Chrome Extension - TaggingBuzz
I am a huge fan of Google Chrome and all of the fabulous Chrome extensions. There's a new extension for Google Buzz called TaggingBuzz. This extension was announced on May 10th by the up and coming developer Nori Hamamoto  and it was created exclusively for Google's Chrome Browser.  TaggingBuzz allows you to add comma-separated tags to your buzzes in your stream to help you keep track of what matters to you most on Buzz. 
Wibiya Adds Buzz To Toolbar
At the foot of this blog you'll see the Wibiya toolbar. I demonstrated how to install the Wibiya toolbar before and I'm real excited to see that they have added toolbar options to include Google Buzz. This is the best Buzz sharing toolbar widget I've seen yet.  Your blog visitors can:
  1. See your latest Buzz posts
  2. View your Google Profile
  3. Follow you on Buzz
  4. Share your blog posts to Buzz
I've tried a few other toolbars, but with this new widget Wibiya has my vote. I know that some of you are looking for a good way to build up some interest and some momentum for your Buzz and this is a great way to engage your readers.  Here's a video to show you how these tools work.

Using the Wibiya toolbar is a great way reduce your bounce rate and keep your readers engaged with more of your "social" content without ever leaving your blog.  Showing your Buzz feed on the toolbar will help spread the word about Buzz, and after you build up your Buzz content, TaggingBuzz will help keep it organized and searchable. 

Are you going to start tagging your Buzz?

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