Sunday, May 2, 2010

FeedBurner FeedFlare Now Posts To Google Buzz

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I use FeedBurner (which is now owned by Google) to handle subscriptions for my blogs. It's another free service that Google offers and it comes with a boatload of customizations. 

If you aren't using FeedBurner you can get it from It's easy to generate a feed for your blog just by entering your blog url and giving your feed a name. If your totally lost about what a RSS feed is, in simple terms it's another way for your readers to know that you have added new content without them visiting your blog. They can get notified in a several ways but the most popular is through a feed reader (like Google Reader) or via email.

There are several features you can add to customize your feed with FeedBurner and FeedFlare is great because it gives you the option to add "Flare" to your feed and to your blog. This feature was updated recently to include Google Buzz as an option. 

What You Need to Get Started With FeedBurner
  1. A Blog with some content (at least one post)
  2. FeedBurner Feed for your blog
  3. Gmail account with Buzz turned on
From the FeedFlare menu, select the links that you want to appear at the bottom your feed or blog. Notice that next to each choice you can pick "Feed" or "Site". You can see that I want the "Post To Google Buzz" link to appear in my feed and on my blog (or site). Go though each of these options and pick the ones that best suit your needs. 
Get the HTML code to put FeedFlare on your site gives instructions for Blogger, Moveable Type, WordPress and others. I added FeedBurner FeedFlare to this Blogger blog and you will see the links in the footer of each post. Now if one of my readers clicks "Post to Google Buzz" this is the page they will see and once they click "Post" your content will be shared to all of their Buzz followers.
So go ahead and update your FeedBurner settings to include FeedFlare and add the "Post to Buzz" option. If you need tips for getting started using Google Buzz check out A Growing List of Top Google Buzz Tips, you can also follow me on Buzz

Sharing YouTube videos on Google Buzz is much easier now too, but don't overdue it. Follow these step-by-step instructions for controlling all of your YouTube activity settings.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial and if you plan on adding the Buzz share options to the FeedFlare on your blogs RSS. 

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