Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good News for Blogger Users

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I'm sure by now you've heard about the improvements happening for Blogger blogs. Even WordPress users can feel the excitement that's been generated by the introduction of Blogger's new Template Designer. This short video clip from Blogger in Draft has the right music to get you pumped!

There is one word of caution that I must pass on to you, please remember that any customizations you added to your original template will be lost. According to the Blogger in Draft Blog:
Customizations to widget templates will be cleared when applying a new template to preserve the new layout. If you have made changes to your widget templates, save them first by going to Layout > Edit HTML and clicking “Download Full Template.” You’ll be able to copy them back in as needed after you apply your new template
I changed my template as soon as these new features became available without realizing that I would loose the Intense Debate Commenting System that I installed awhile ago. I reinstalled Intense Debate with CommentLuv and some other hacks like the Blog Engage Vote button too (I ♥ Blog Engage).

Now I'm debating if I should install the Tweetmeme Retweet button or not. I think that most readers find it easy to use the Wibiya toolbar to retweet my posts. BTW - when I updated my template I did not need to reinstall the Wibiya toolbar, which was really nice.

What do you think, should I install Tweetmeme or will you retweet this post from the Wibiya toolbar?
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