Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Listen to Music at Blip.fm

This weekend my inner DJ surfaced and I created a playlist on Blip.fm and I hope you will stop by and listen to it. Here are the features of Blip.fm that I'm sure you will enjoy:
  1. I can type in the song or artist name that I want to hear and just click play!
  2. I can "blip" the song which is like a musical tweet, and I can reblip a songs that other DJ's have blipped.
  3. I can create a static playlist and invite my friends to listen without signing up.
  4. I can watch videos versions of the songs I like.
  5. Other DJ's can vote or give "props" to my blips
This is a radical improvement over other Internet music services that I have used during recent months.

MyJazzNetwork started as a website offering over two dozen "stations" that you could pick from covering classic jazz, vocals, blues, and there was even category named soul sessions. Needless to say, the website is now defunct and MyJazzNetwork has reverted into a less capable Face Book Application.

I created a profile page on Pandora a few months ago but the interface operates in a different fashion. Pandora automatically generates a playlist for you, giving you the option to like or dislike the choices. I quickly became disenchanted with this feature, here's why - there is a limit to the number of "dislikes" allowed in a given interval. Pandora will continue to play songs from your genre - rather yo like them or not for the next 15 - 20 minutes.

I guess I needed to suffer through all of the inequities of MyJazzNetwork and Pandora before I could properly appreciate Blip.fm. I can't take credit for discovering Blip.fm, the credit goes to fellow WordPress.com blogger and Twitter friend @T3CK9. He invited me to join Blip.fm and I'm very appreciative.

Here's the recommended tutorial on using Blip.fm from @SharonHayes, and a useful article by Josh Catone on Mashable about music sharing on Twitter.
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