Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tag Surfer - Blogger vs.

I'm more familiar with, therefore it will be better for me to discuss the features that I find useful first. Eventually I might find that Blogger has similar tools that I am not aware of. I'll start things off with my Tool of the Day - Tag Surfer.

In you can create tags which appear at the end of your post. You create them yourself, so you can spell them however you like, but if you make a typo it's on you. Adding and deleting them is quite simplistic. The very first post you add tags to will automatically put those tags on your tag surfer list but you can change them as you wish.

From the My Account dashboard click on tag surfer and you will see a list of posts from other bloggers using the same tags. This is great, because it gives you the opportunity to read what others are thinking about the same topic that you have interest in and it's a great way to connect. The biggest advantage for me is that you can also add something to your tag list that you are thinking about blogging about or that your friend is blogging about or - just anything else your heart desires.

In the last 2 days I found 2 very resourceful blogs this way.
I would not have found these without the tag surfer tool, well at least not as quickly and easily. You can set the parameters of the tag list, such as how many posts will be returned and how many days in the past you would like to search. I like this flexibility because I had way too many posts appear when I tagged Jupiter (turns out there are tons of Jupiter lovers out there), and John Coltrane. So I just deleted them from my tag surfer list (which did not remove the tag from my posts) and added something new to the list like Bing.

If Blogger has a similar tool, I can't wait to see the results. But at this rate, I'll never find it because I am going back over to my blog. Bye for now.

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