Sunday, February 7, 2010

Build an Online Profile for Your Blog with Retaggr

Building brand awareness and increasing your accessibility on social sites is an important component of your online portfolio. Establishing an online profile is an excellent way accomplish this goal. Retaggr is a service that allows you to create "The Definitive Online Profile". 

Watch this video to learn how-to Create an Online Profile for Your Blog with Retaggr.

As you can see I've added the Retaggr widget to the side bar on the left here at Ms. Ileane's Blog. Retaggr also generates the embed code for your online profile in your choice of shapes and sizes including a profile card like the example below, a professional email signature and a complete profile page.

You can customize the online profile by adding usernames from as many social networks as you wish. There's even an option to reorder where the icons appear in the list, so that you can move networks that are vital to the branding of your blog to the top.  I moved the WordPress icon to the top of my listing for easy access to my primary blog Ms. Ileane Speaks. If you have a FriendFeed account, Retaggr will pull the user names from all of your linked accounts at once.

Joella Molson goes into more details about  Online Hosted Profile Pages - An Alternatives For a Blog About Page on her site BlogsWithWings.
Do you need an online profile, or have you created one already? Let me know so that we can connect!
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