Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Bloggers Lend A Helping Hand

You should always set goals for your blog. Hopefully, one of your goals is to provide fresh content for your readers to enjoy so that they will visit your blog often in search of something new. The goal that I have for this blog in 2010 is helping bloggers. But it seems that I've been the one getting help from other bloggers recently in the form of what's known as a guest post.
A guest post is mutually beneficial for the blogger and for their guest. It helps add variety to your content and gives your readers a chance to hear a different point of view. It also helps fortify relationships.

Recently I was honored to have 3 of my blogging friends share their talents by offering to guest post on my blogs and here they are:

Karen from Blazing Minds is featured on Ms. Ileane Speaks in An Introduction from Karen @ Blazing Minds

Erica from EricaSays.com is featured on Engaging With Ms. Ileane Speaks in Social Networking in 2010

I think the "Blogging Gods" are smiling on me in order for me to be so fortunate to have such prolific bloggers featured on my blogs. Each one is also a member of the Blog Engage community for bloggers, which I am also proud to be a member of. Please visit their blogs and enjoy more articles from these excellent writers. If you're interested in doing a guest post on any of my blogs please let me know in the comments. 

If your looking for guest bloggers and you're not sure where to turn, you should visit the guest post forum MyBlogGuest to hook up with bloggers that are interested in guest posting.


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